Passing trucker finds 1-year-old boy abandoned in a ditch

VINTON, LA – In a heartbreaking incident in Vinton, Louisiana, a 1-year-old boy was discovered alive in a ditch following an extensive search initiated after his 4-year-old brother was found deceased in nearby water. The children’s mother, 25-year-old Aaliyah N. Jack, was arrested in Mississippi and faces charges concerning the disappearance of her children.

The distressing event unfolded on July 9 when authorities from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office were alerted to the presence of the 1-year-old by a passing trucker. This discovery came a day after the body of the older child was found at the Vinton Welcome Center, having been last seen with their mother over the weekend.

Sheriff Gary “Stitch” Guillory, addressing the media, referred to the younger child as a “miracle baby,” given his survival after reportedly being left alongside I-10 for two days under harsh conditions. The infant was found in a stable condition despite multiple bug bites and is now under the care of local authorities.

Aaliyah Jack, currently held with a $300,000 bond, was charged with failure to report a missing child.

The case continues to develop as more information becomes available, with local authorities promising a thorough investigation into this grievous event. The cause of death for the 4-year-old will be determined by the coroner, and the children’s welfare remains a priority in the ongoing proceedings.