Paula Deen Returns After Getting Cancelled

Paula Deen Returns After Getting Cancelled

( – Paula Deen was one of the most popular chefs on the Food Network for years. More than a million viewers tuned in to watch her cook delicious Southern recipes, but in 2013 that ended. She became one of the first celebrity victims of cancel culture. However, eight years later, she has made her return to network television.

On Wednesday, June 16, Deen appeared on Fox’s “MasterChef: Legends.” She worked alongside Gordon Ramsey to decide which auditioning chef deserved to win a white apron to appear on the show. Before her appearance on the show, she told FoodSided that she was “shocked” about her status as a legend and “honored.”

Deen lost her job on the Food Network in 2013 after she admitted to using racial slurs decades before in the 1980s. She apologized for her mistakes and said that she’d grown as a person. That didn’t matter to the rabid mob. They wanted her job, and they got it. In the years since then, she has been hosting her own show on Roku, but she had not been back to network television until Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s problematic son, Hunter, is accused of using the n-word multiple times, and he has not been the subject of the same wokeness.

When people make mistakes, they are supposed to be allowed to own them, apologize and move on. Even former President Barack Obama has said that people won’t be perfect 100% of the time and deserve some grace to grow as human beings. Deen did that, but it didn’t matter for years. On the other hand, Hunter hasn’t even so much as apologized, yet the Left hasn’t asked for his head. The hypocrisy is astounding.

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