Pelosi Accused Of Using Capitol Guards As Pawns

( – National Guard troops have been stationed in the Capitol for more than two months even though the threat of violence has seemingly vanished. The treatment they’ve been subjected to in the nation’s capital has been outrageous. A conservative columnist recently decried lawmakers for allowing it to continue, specifically House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

In a March 3 op-ed column for the New York Post, conservative Miranda Devine discussed the poor treatment the soldiers have faced in DC. She demanded to know where the respect was for the military members after reports surfaced they’d been eating raw meat, meals with metal shavings, and moldy bread. Devine said what’s worse is “no one will explain why they still are there,” except that they are being used as “human props” by Pelosi and other Democrats.

The columnist isn’t the first person to say Pelosi is using the National Guard troops as pawns. In January, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recalled the state’s soldiers, saying the speaker was using them.

Washington, DC, is supposed to be accessible to the American people, and the government is supposed to respect our military. But none of that is happening right now. Why is that? The longer this drags on, the more people are starting to question the point of all of this.

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