Pelosi Confirms There’s No Date for Biden to Address Congress

Pelosi Confirms There's No Date for Biden to Address Congress

( – As of March 15, President Joe Biden has yet to even announce a date as to when he might grant the American people the privilege of seeing him deliver his first “State of the Union” address. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently confirmed there’s no set date for him to address Congress.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who has made a career out of deflecting and ignoring questions from the press corps in less than two months, did make a comment to Newsmax… that was less than helpful. She said that the president would give a speech to a joint session of Congress explicitly saying “this is not a State of the Union.”

Conservative commentator Todd Starnes is among some who are beginning to wonder if Biden is having cognitive problems noting that during his televised address on March 8, he could not recall the name of the Pentagon or of the Secretary of Defense he nominated. This could be especially concerning considering he was reading from a teleprompter.

The fact remains that Congress deserves to hear from their president and Biden is failing to deliver.

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