Pelosi Is Ridiculous

Pelosi Is Ridiculous

( – On August 31, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited a salon in San Francisco that was closed due to state COVID-19 orders. The congresswoman was apparently incapable of washing and blow-drying her hair by herself and broke the rules. The business owner was seething when she found out about Pelosi and leaked it to the press. Now the speaker is defending herself, but her excuse is utterly ridiculous.

On Wednesday, Pelosi refused to apologize for breaking the coronavirus rules. Instead, she claimed the salon owner set her up and said, “I take responsibility for falling for a setup.” Then the House leader demanded an apology from the business owner!

The speaker said she only went to the salon because the stylist said they were able to take one customer indoors at a time. Really? San Francisco only started allowing outdoor appointments this week, and shouldn’t she have looked up her city’s ordinance? We aren’t talking about a random person here, this woman is second in line to the presidency should something happen to the commander-in-chief. At what point does she become accountable for her own actions?

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