Pelosi Using Women to Push Initiative

Pelosi Wants Women in Biden Admin at Any Cost

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants women to get back to work. She seems to think they’re all sitting home, hanging out, and not helping the economy. Recently, she pushed this idea that women are at home suffering in order to try to convince people that a bill with new taxes is necessary.

During a July 12 event hosted by the National Association of Counties Pelosi discussed Biden’s infrastructure plan. The speaker said the way to “Build Back Better” is with women. The speaker implied that the way lawmakers need to get the plan passed so that women can get back in the job market. She went on to push this idea that America absolutely needs more money for child care, family leave, an expanded child tax credit, workforce training and other measures.

That is a narrative that Democrats have been pushing for months. They say the Biden administration’s massive “human” infrastructure plan needs to pass Congress because women need it and so does the economy. The problem with that is it isn’t true. In fact, in May, one of former President Barack Obama’s ex-officials said it was nonsense. Jason Furman said that daycare and school closures did not keep women home. He pointed out that unemployment numbers for those with kids are actually lower than those without.

Sure, it’s true that women help the economy in many ways. Pelosi, however, is trying to use them to gaslight the American people into supporting a bill that will raise their taxes.

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