Pence Blasts “Radical Left”

Pence Blasts

( – Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden recently announced Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate. Current Vice President Mike Pence has now responded to the news, and he’s issuing a dire warning.

During an August 12 interview on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Pence said Biden’s selection proves the Democratic Party has been “overtaken by the radical Left.” The vice president went on to say Harris supports raising taxes, “socialized medicine, open borders, abortion on demand.” If elected, the duo will destroy the middle class.

Pence pointed out, unlike Biden and Harris, President Donald Trump wants to build America up and continue to repair the damage caused by Barack Obama. The commander-in-chief is good on the economy, has fought to rebuild the military, and stands up for both life and liberty.

In just about 80 days, the American people are going to go to the polls and decide who they want to move this country forward: radical Leftists, or Conservative citizens. It’s going to be a close race and every vote is going to be absolutely critical.

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