Pentagon Reveals Mass Civilian Casualties

( – One of the biggest problems many Americans have had with the War on Terrorism is the obscene number of civilians who were caught in the crossfire and died. Airstrikes were particularly deadly for innocent people in the Middle East. New documents reveal the number of deaths is even worse than many people imagined.

The New York Times investigated more than 1,300 civilian deaths in the Middle East by using allegedly hidden Pentagon records starting in 2014. The newspaper discovered the US military’s drone strikes and other airstrikes were not as precise as officials want Americans to believe. Journalists visited more than 100 bombing sites to interview witnesses. Here are a few failures:

  • 2015: American forces saw a man dragging a heavy object into what they called an ISIS “defensive fighting position.” The man was actually dragging a child and the kid died in an airstrike.
  • 2016: American Special Operations forces bombed homes they’d mistaken for ISIS “staging areas,” killing more than 120 civilians.
  • 2017: A US warplane dropped a bomb on a vehicle the military believed was a car bomb stopped at an intersection, in reality, a man, his wife and their two children were fleeing nearby danger. Three other innocent civilians died as well.

There are hundreds of stories like those. While it’s true airstrikes allow Americans to remain largely out of harm’s way, at what point is the cost too high?

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