Pentagon to Review Deadly Drone Strike

Pentagon to Review Biden's Deadly Drone Strike

( – On August 26, an ISIS-K attack killed 13 American service members and over 160 civilians at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. Three days later, after warnings of the possibility of more attacks, the US military launched a drone strike on a car it wrongly believed was carrying explosives to the airport. Now the Pentagon is launching an investigation.

On September 20, Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby announced a probe into the drone strike. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin asked Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall to appoint a military officer with at least three stars to review US Central Command’s investigation.

The announcement comes days after Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr. revealed the August 29 drone strike did not kill an ISIS-K operative as the military previously alleged. Instead, 10 innocent civilians, including 7 children died.

The Pentagon has said it’s looking into making payments, out of moral obligation, to the families impacted by the deadly drone strike. Kirby told the media, “We know that Central Command is working through how best to reach out to [the families] for the issue of payments…” to help them.

The officer will have 45 days to complete the review and make recommendations.

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