Pilot Sues Major Airline After Coworker Exposed Himself On A Flight

Southwest pilot sues after coworker stripped, watched porn on flight – USA TODAY

Christine Janning is suing Southwest Airlines, her union and a former co-worker who pleaded guilty to intentionally committing a lewd, indecent or obscene act after exposing his genitals and watching pornography during a flight. Janning took photos and videos of Haak to create a record of the incident.

Janning had never met Haak before she was his co-pilot on a flight from Philadelphia to Orlando. Haak used his seniority rights to bump another pilot and told her that the flight in question was his final flight.

When their plane reached cruising altitude, Haak allegedly told Janning he wanted to do something lewd before retiring. His attorney said Janning encouraged Haak to fly naked and made sexual advances, but Haak rejected those advances and adamantly denied a lewd act occurred. Janning’s attorney, Frank Podesta, denied any encouragement or advances.

Haak’s attorney told news outlets that the incident was a consensual prank. Janning accused Haak of masturbating after exposing himself.

Janning reported the incident to the FBI. Janning claimed that after reporting the incident in November 2020, Southwest’s investigation was closed and that she was grounded for more than three months and required to take “unnecessary” training before working again.

She also claimed that her union did not advocate on her behalf. The FBI had to book her a flight back to Florida on United Airlines.

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