Plane Crash Lands Directly Into Traffic on LA Freeway and Bursts Into Flames

California plane lands on busy freeway near Los Angeles, ignites after crashing into truck – USA TODAY

In what appears to be a fiery scene out of a movie, a small plane had to make an emergency landing directly into traffic on a Los Angeles freeway and almost immediately crashed into traffic and then exploded into flames.  Miraculously the pilot and passenger escaped unharmed.

A single-engine plane carrying a pilot and one passenger crashed on the 91 Freeway after an engine malfunction, colliding with a moving truck on landing and then igniting into flames. The two people inside the plane escaped unharmed.

The pilot said his training allowed him to land semi-successfully in traffic, and he didn’t panic. The pilot of a single-engine Piper Cherokee PA-32 had an unspecified “engine issue” while flying to Corona Municipal Airport but made a good landing.

Single engine small craft planes are known for their ability to coast for quite some time before losing the ability to choose a landing spot; this pilot must have had very few options to pick a busy freeway as a landing site; at least he was able to pick the right direction for his landing.

Watch the video of this shocking crash:


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