Plans to Cancel Student Debt Announced, But Only for Some

Plans to Cancel Student Debt Announced, But Only for Some

( – The argument over whether the federal government should cancel student loan debt is one of the most contentious disagreements on the Left. The progressive wing of the caucus wants President Joe Biden to eliminate the debt for all students. Moderates, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), don’t think he has the power to do that without congressional approval. Now the administration has decided to move ahead with a plan to cancel debt anyway, but only for some Americans.

On August 19, the US Department of Education announced the cancelation of student loan debt for permanently disabled Americans. More than 323,000 borrowers fall into this category, with a debt exceeding $5.8 billion.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the new change will reduce red tape for students who need relief.

The Department will use data compiled by the Social Security Administration, which disburses disability checks, to identify qualifying borrowers. Cardona’s agency also stated it will stop asking people with disabilities to prove their income. The decision came after thousands were reportedly dropped from a debt-relief program for the “totally and permanently disabled” after they failed to respond to document requests. That was one of the requirements of the program for three years. The Biden administration is also seeking to completely eliminate the monitoring program.

Although disabled Americans who are drowning in student loan debt will undoubtedly welcome the news, it’ll be interesting to see if it withstands challenges. After all, Pelosi said only Congress has the power to cancel debt for students.

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