Pokemon Go Fans Reveal Their Ultimate Changes to Niantic in Viral Reddit Thread

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Pokemon Go, the popular mobile adventure game, has sparked discussions among its passionate fan base about potential changes they would make to the game if they had control over Niantic, the company behind the game.

The Pokemon Go community has been vocal about their opinions on the game’s quality, recent changes, and the company’s decisions. Most notably, changes to Raid Passes generated backlash, leading to heightened criticism from the fanbase.

With many expressing frustration over the game’s issues, fans have taken to online platforms, such as the Pokemon Go subreddit, to share their thoughts on what they would change if given the opportunity to take the reins at Niantic. From the ability to open all gifts to making remote raid passes more affordable, fans are eager to voice their opinions on the game’s direction.

Some fans have suggested changes to the game’s egg system, envisioning a feature that would allow players to delete unwanted eggs and receive rare Pokemon after walking specific distances. Others have expressed the desire to remotely retrieve their Pokemon from gyms after extended periods, as well as implement changes to the way Pokemon participate in leagues.

While these suggestions reflect the passionate fanbase’s desires, it remains uncertain whether Niantic will consider implementing these changes in the near future. The discussions highlight the deep connection between the Pokemon Go community and the game, as well as the ongoing dialogue about the game’s future and direction.

Overall, the enthusiasm of the Pokemon Go fan base underscores the significant impact that player feedback can have on the ongoing development of the game, and it remains to be seen how Niantic will navigate these conversations.