Police Chief Begs for Help

Police Chief Begs for Help

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Seattle has been a hotbed for criminal activity all summer thanks to violent Leftist agitators and a Democratic city council that refuses to do anything. In fact, the leaders, and we use that term loosely, decided they want to defund their law enforcement department. Recently, protesters tracked Police Chief Carmen Best down at her home and got “aggressive.” Now, she’s begging the local lawmakers to get their acts together.

On Monday, Police Chief Best sent a letter to the Seattle City Council, urging them to “stand up for what is right.” The protesters are targeting civil servants and she believes if the Democratic leaders don’t start doing their jobs, the situation is going to devolve into “doing business by mob rule.”

This isn’t the first time Best has written a letter to the City Council. She recently asked them to include the police department in conversations about budget cuts and laid out the ramifications of their plan. She also told councilmembers their ordinance outlawing non-lethal crowd control measures puts people in danger.

Unfortunately, like in other cities across the country run by Democrats, the council seems to be ignoring the advice of experts in order to score political points with their base. These kinds of sustained attacks on American cities and police cannot be allowed to continue. It’s out of control.

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