Police Chief Retires — Has Had Enough of Liberal Moves

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Seattle, Washington has had some of the worst riots over the last few months. In spite of that, the city’s Democratic leaders attacked the police department. On Monday, August 10, Chief Carmen Best finally had enough.

Earlier that day, the Seattle City Council voted to reduce the city’s law enforcement budget by 14%. They reversed an earlier decision to cut the top officer’s pay by 40%, however, the council did slash the pay of Police Chief Best’s command staff. The cuts to those 12 officers’ pay were so deep, they’re now earning the lowest pay grade for their ranks. The top cop had repeatedly asked the leaders to reconsider in the weeks leading up to the vote.

Shortly after the vote, Police Chief Best announced she’s retiring from the Seattle Police Department after 28 years. Ironically, the council is running off the first Black female chief in the name of “social justice.” Earlier in the day, Chief Best told a local journalist she feels targeted.

Who can blame the police chief for retiring? She and her department have endured unrelenting attacks from both rioters and the city council. Her departure is what happens when law enforcement officers are constantly under attack. Why would good cops continue doing the job when they get no respect? If this continues, expect to hear more stories like this across the US.

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