Police-Defunded City Riddled With Shootings

(AbsoluteNews.com) – In June 2020, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to defund its police department. The Oregon city reduced the budget by $15 million and eliminated 84 jobs. Now, the city is reportedly seeing the results of that poor decision.

On May 6, Lt. Greg Pashley with Portland Police Bureau (PPB), told local news KATU 2 that the rate of shootings in the city is something they’ve not seen before. The next day, a PPB spokesman told The Epoch Times the police have responded to at least 359 shootings this year. At least 95 of the shootings resulted in 113 injuries. On Wednesday, four shootings resulted in two dead. The conservative news site revealed that in the days after they obtained the statistics, two more shootings took place.

Pashley said the violence is starting to take a toll on the community. Meanwhile, across the county, the anti-police rhetoric is getting to officers, too. There has been an unprecedented number of officers retiring. As for Portland, it looks like it’s on a terrible, destructive path that could end up hurting a lot of innocent people.

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