Police Department Gets a Court Order

Police Department Gets a Court Order

(AbsoluteNews.com) – While many police departments around the country are being targeted by Americans who want reform, the Minneapolis, MN department is under extra scrutiny. On May 25, an officer (now fired) with the agency killed George Floyd and kicked off nationwide protests. On June 8, a judge agreed something has to change.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) recently filed a petition asking the court to implement changes to the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). Hennepin County District Court Judge Karen Janisch ordered the law enforcement agency to implement the following:

  • If an officer sees a colleague use force, they must stay on the scene and report it.
  • Officers must intervene when their colleagues are using unauthorized force.
  • Police officers can’t use chokeholds and neck restraints.
  • Chiefs must discipline officers in a timely manner if they use unauthorized force.
  • The only people allowed to approve crowd control weapons are the police chief or their deputy chief.
  • Investigators and analysts in the City’s Office of Police Conduct Review can audit body camera footage for the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department.

Additionally, the MPD will have to comply with MDHR’s investigation or they’ll be penalized. Whether or not these changes are enough to satisfy the city council who seems ready to defund the police remains to be seen.

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