Police Officers Face Charges For Paralyzing Man And Dragging Him By His Feet During Arrest

Randy Cox, 36, was paralyzed from the chest down after being driven to a police station in a police van. Five police officers were charged with misdemeanors.

Police were driving Cox to a New Haven Police Station to process him on a weapons charge when Cox flew headfirst into the wall of the van, which did not have a seat belt.

Cox pleaded for help and complained of his injuries. Some of the officers that were present took Cox’s pleas more seriously than others. Officer Oscar Diaz, who drove the transport van, requested an ambulance meet them at the detention center. However, he did not render medical attention to Cox.

Cox was mocked by officers at the detention center and was dragged by his feet from the van to be placed in a holding cell. He was then transferred to a hospital.

The State’s Attorney made the decision to charge the five New Haven police officers involved with second-degree reckless endangerment and cruelty to persons during Randy Cox’s arrest. The officers have all been on administrative leave since last summer.

Cox’s family filed a federal lawsuit against the city of New Haven and five officers in September. Four of the officers filed motions claiming qualified immunity. The attorney for Randy Cox’s family said Monday that the New Haven police officers should be held accountable for their actions.

New Haven officials announced a series of police reforms this summer, including the use of marked police vehicles for prisoner transports. New Haven’s police chief said it was important to be transparent and accountable, and that people cannot be treated poorly.

The Mayor says changes were implemented at the police department, and the arrestees were processed and posted a $25,000 bond.