Police Presence Amps Up At High School After False Shooting Call Puts School On Lockdown

‘False call’ prompts heavy police presence at Hollywood high school – WPLG Local 10

Hollywood Police were called to McArthur High School after a prank call said there was an active shooter on campus. Students and parents fled the school as law enforcement searched the buildings for a potential shooter or anyone injured.

After a 911 call reported an active shooter, police entered Hollywood High School with guns drawn, searching for victims or suspects. But school staff met the police with puzzled looks, and before lunch, the Los Angeles Unified School District deemed the incident a hoax.

A picture taken inside a classroom showed students sitting on the floor and a police officer holding a gun. A parent said her son was texting her from the floor.

Parents waited at the Boyd-Panciera Family Funeral Care, where they met their children after police released them from the school. The wait was agonizing for several parents, who expressed relief after learning the incident stemmed from a prank call.

Jessica Gomez and Dulce Lupercio said their ninth-grade sons called them about a lockdown at their school. They were frustrated that police were calling the incident a hoax, because their son and classmates had heard gunshots. However, police didn’t receive any reports of those alleged gunshots.

By 11:48 a.m., the crime scene tape had come down and the police cars had left. Some students were allowed outside to play.

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