Police Surround Parkland Shooter After Threat From Potential Juror

Police Surround Parkland Shooter After Threat From Potential Juror

Police Surround School Shooter – The Threat Was Real

(AbsoluteNews.com) – On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and killed 17 people. In October 2021, he pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder. Four years after the massacre, when jury selection finally got underway to determine his sentence, the situation got a little dicey in the courtroom.

On April 26, 70 prospective jurors for the Parkland murderer’s sentencing trial were re-entering the courtroom after lunch when the defense attorney notified bailiffs that one of the jurors was acting inappropriately. The man had reportedly risen to his feet and mouthed profanity at the defendant. Bailiffs walked over to the man and escorted him out of the building. He repeatedly muttered “that’s horrible” as he left.

According to the Daily News, Broward Sheriff’s Capt. Osvaldo Tianga was worried the man might attack Cruz as he left or that one of the other members of the pool would join in. The officers grabbed and surrounded the defendant to protect him from any violence.

The man who bailiffs escorted from the courtroom told them the group was traumatized. Ultimately, the judge decided to dismiss the whole bunch.

Cruz’s lawyer Melisa McNeill was upset about the deputies grabbing him, questioning whether it was necessary. She suggested they could have just stood up for him. On April 25, the judge dismissed 250 other potential jurors after she made a mistake. Eventually, 12 jurors and 8 alternates will be selected to serve.

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