Pompeo Tells Why TikTok Has to Go

Pompeo Tells Why TikTok Has to Go

(AbsoluteNews.com) – On August 6, President Donald Trump signed an executive order essentially banning the Chinese app TikTok from operating in the US after September 15. The commander-in-chief allowed the video-sharing app’s parent company, ByteDance, 45 days to sell it to Microsoft before it’s outlawed as a result of national security concerns.

The news was met with some anger by people who frequently use the app. However, this week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained why it was a necessary step in order to protect Americans from the Communist Chinese government.

Pompeo Speaks Out

During an August 12 speech in Prague, Czech Republic, Mike Pompeo confirmed reports of ByteDance allowing the Chinese government access to the app’s data. He explained President Trump’s decision to sanction the company is a direct result of the “national security issue” arising from data that was “clearly available to the Chinese Communist Party’s national security apparatus.” He went on to say the United States isn’t going to allow officials in Beijing to retrieve “enormous data sets” from the American people.

The Trump Administration has an obligation to protect the personal information of US citizens from falling into the hands of a hostile government; that’s exactly what the president was doing when he signed the order.

It Was Necessary

Sure, TikTok is entertaining. But Americans shouldn’t have to risk their security to be entertained and that’s the problem President Trump has with the app. The Left tried to paint this as some sort of revenge for troublemakers on the platform reserving tickets to his campaign rally in Tulsa, but that’s just silly.

The media and Liberals have been attacking the president for years. He’s used to that nonsense and ignores it. What he can’t allow to continue, however, is the Chinese government’s shenanigans.

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