Porsche Driver Plows Through Barricade And Drives Through Carnival Crowd


A white Porsche Cayenne SUV sped off as police tried to pull it over, crashing through a barricade and into a gathering of onlookers in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Police claim that the incident started when the driver sped off after being stopped. It was then that the driver began cutting through a cement rail and into the street carnival. The horrifying incident happened in the city’s historic South Central area around 8:20 pm.

Six people were injured in this crash in Los Angeles. Those that were injured have been transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver was later arrested for his reckless crimes that put all six victims in danger.

According to eyewitnesses, the Porsche driver shot at people at a street fair, and police attempted to pull over the driver before he drove into the carnival. However, they could not stop him in time and he still managed to barge through a barricade in his vehicle.

Oscar Berumen was one of the witnesses who saw the driver in action. Berumen at the carnival with his family when a white SUV plowed through the barricade and into the crowd of people. He described the chaotic scene, sharing how a normal night of fun turned into a total nightmare.

Footage from the scene can be found in the video below:

Police said that the incident could have turned deadly, and that it was fortunate that no one died. The car that plowed through the crowd was eventually discovered three streets away from the scene of the collision.

A man named Stephen Weems was the suspect who was arrested after plowing through street barricades and injuring six people. Weems is 23-years-old, and his charges include felony hit and run.

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