Powerful Tornado Hits Northern Michigan

One dead, more than 40 injured as Michigan tornado causes ‘catastrophic’ damage – CNN

A tornado hit the town of Gaylord in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan Friday afternoon, leaving one person dead and 43 injured. Eight people were treated at other hospitals outside Munson system, and the city is under a curfew.

When the tornado hit west of the city center near Interstate 75 and moved east-northeast, damaging homes and causing damage to nearby buildings. The tornado sounded like a freight train and was deafening for those in its path.

This is an ultra-rare event estimated to occur less than 15 times per year in Michigan and most tornados last a brief period with only minimal to no damage. This tornado was similar to the more powerful funnel systems you see in the south.

Gabe Awrey was driving home when the tornado hit. By the time he hit his street it was completely blocked off from tossed debris. He parked his car across the street and made his way home on foot.

Lt. Jim Gorno of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources described the scene in the area as being “catastrophic,” with cars flipped over and structures destroyed.


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