Pregnant Mom Killed By Drunk Driver Who Live Streamed The Car Crash Aftermath

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Pregnant Mother of 4 Killed in Crash with Allegedly Intoxicated Boxer Who Live Streamed Aftermath -People

Marcos A. Forestal was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the death of mother-of-four Krystil Kincaid.

A drunk driver crashed into a pregnant woman’s car, livestreaming the accident on Facebook instead of helping to save her. The driver told his Facebook friends a car crossed in front of him, but cops say he was driving drunk and veered into the wrong lane.

Police found Kincaid’s car partially on fire and her unborn baby inside. The 29-year-old woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where shewas pronounced dead the following day.

A car crossed in front of Forestal’s car, totaling it. The boxer sustained minor injuries.

Kincaid was on the phone with her husband Zach when the crash occurred, and he heard her scream before the impact.

The devastated father-of-four shared a series of photographs from his wife and unborn child’s funeral on Facebook. He said he felt the pain and anger within his soul was immeasurable, his heart was broken.

Zach and his four children bid their final goodbyes to Krystil, 29, and her unborn baby girl, whom they never got to meet.

Zach said his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver who didn’t intend anything good. He said his children and he have never felt so disposable.

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