Pregnant Mother, Expecting Her Second Child, Shot And Killed In Her Car

Kaylin Fiengo

On Nov. 11, police found the body of a pregnant mother after she was shot and killed.

A Sanford Police Department press release stated that an officer was patrolling the Coastline Park area at 11:20 p.m. and found a deceased 18-year-old in a car, dead from a gunshot wound.

Initial investigation indicated that Kaylin traveled to the area “in order to meet someone she knew.”

Other than saying the incident appears to have been isolated, police did not release any additional information.

In addition to being 13 weeks pregnant, Kaylin had a one-year-old son.

Ricky Fiengo, her father, called the shooting senseless.

“This is senseless. It’s just so senseless,” he said. “She was a fun-loving, funny, go-getter teenager.”

“I just need closure,” the father said. “I just need that person caught and dealt with, so I can move on to another part of my healing.”

Sarah, Kaylin’s mother, spoke of her heartache following the loss of her daughter.

“It has been a tremendous loss for many, but for me as her mom I will never be able to fill the empty hole in my heart,” she said.

According to police spokesperson Bianca Gillette, the shooting wasn’t random.

It doesn’t seem random,” Gillette said. “We feel like it was an isolated incident, and we have some really solid leads to help us unravel what transpired that night.”

Chief Cecil Smith of the Sanford Police Department said such violence will not be tolerated.

“We will not tolerate this kind of violence and destruction in our community. Kaylin was a young mother who had her entire life ahead of her.” Smith said, “I am confident that our residents will work with us to find the person responsible for Kaylin’s death.”

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