Pregnant woman shot dead by her ex-fiancé outside Amazon warehouse

Tragically, the infant son of Kyla O’Neal, passed away at Hennepin County Medical Center on Tuesday night following a week of fighting for his life. His family, devastated by the loss, said that he was taken off a ventilator. They named the infant Messiah.

His mother, Kyla, was fatally shot outside a Minneapolis Amazon Warehouse.

On January 8, an emergency C-section was performed to deliver Messiah. This procedure took place after his mother, 31-year-old O’Neal, was shot by her ex-fiancé in the warehouse parking lot. The suspect in the shooting was also Messiah’s father, Donte McCray.

The woman was due to give birth on January 11.

Despite his survival of the initial shooting, the baby was unable to maintain any brain activity and was unable to inhale without assistance from a ventilator.

Aside from Messiah, O’Neal had three other children, among them a daughter that she had with 32-year-old Donte McCray.

McCray has been accused of committing second-degree murder. Prosecutors have previously said that more charges will be brought upon him in the event of the baby’s death.

McCray allegedly told law enforcement that he had no awareness that there was a bullet in the gun’s chamber when he discharged it.

Lakeville Police Chief Brad Paulson noted, “this is a very unfortunate development and certainly adds another layer to an already tragic incident.”