Prepper All Naturals Founder Reveals Must-Know Secrets for Emergency Food Supply

Houston, Texas – With concerns about the food supply and looming disasters, more and more Americans are stockpiling for emergency situations, leaving millions of people prepping for potential catastrophes.

Jason Nelson, founder of and a U.S. Army combat disabled veteran, launched his cooked freeze-dried beef company in 2021 with his fellow combat-disabled “brother.” The pair saw a need in the market for quality animal protein that could be stored long-term amid growing food instability across the globe. Since then, demand for their products has exploded, with the company doubling in size every six months.

Nelson believes that prepping has become more mainstream because the pandemic made more Americans realize just how dependent they are on others to provide for their needs. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the distribution system and the potential shortage of food in emergency situations.

The USDA reported that the nationwide beef cattle inventory dropped to a record low last week due to heavy government regulations and persistent drought over the last three years, putting pressure on farmers and raising prices for consumers.

Nelson hopes his company’s products can help families start their own emergency prepping. He emphasizes the superior quality of their beef products compared to what is typically found in grocery stores, and recommends using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a guide when prepping for an emergency. He hopes his products can help families get started on becoming better prepared for whatever may come.

As concerns about the food supply and potential disasters continue to grow, more and more Americans are turning to emergency prepping as a way to ensure their families are prepared for any situation that may arise.