Prince Andrew Demands Trial By Jury, Likely to Control Release of Evidence

( – In early January, Buckingham Palace stripped Prince Andrew of his military titles and the title of ‘His Royal Highness’ amidst charges of sexual abuse of Virginia Giuffre when she was a minor. His legal team started preparations for a court fight by announcing the duke wants a jury to hear his case. One lawyer alleges the move is in an effort to “limit the evidence” against the prince. However, others question the legal strategy, given the public outrage about the allegations and his connections to convicted predators Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Some experts believe a jury trial may be advantageous for the Duke of York because his attorneys can limit what the jury sees and attempt to paint the accused in a “favorable light.” The defense will likely show all the good Prince Andrew accomplished over the years, attempting to sway the jury to find him not guilty. A jury trial also puts the burden on the prosecutors to convince six people of his guilt instead of one judge.

If Prince Andrew wants to get back into Buckingham Palace, the people’s good graces and restore his reputation, he’ll have to start by prevailing in court.

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