Prince William returns to royal duties amid father’s cancer diagnosis

LONDON, England — Prince William returned to his royal duties on Wednesday after taking a three-week break to care for his wife Kate, the Princess of Wales, who was recovering from abdominal surgery. During his absence, his father, King Charles III, was diagnosed with cancer, prompting the monarch to step back from public duties for treatment.

The Prince attended an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle before joining a gala dinner for London’s Air Ambulance Charity, where he interacted with actor Tom Cruise. In his speech at the charity event, William expressed gratitude for the support received for his wife and father during the challenging time.

Kate is not expected to resume her public duties until around April, following her surgery. Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace announced Charles’ cancer diagnosis last week, revealing that it was discovered during separate treatment for an enlarged prostate. The exact type of cancer and the specific treatments being undertaken by the king have not been disclosed.

Amidst the health issues facing the royal family, royal sources mentioned the pressure on other members as they take on additional responsibilities. According to expert Sally Bedell Smith, having both the Princess of Wales recovering from surgery and the King battling cancer has added significant pressure on the family.

As Charles undergoes treatment, he will continue with non-public facing work, and his in-person meetings with the British prime minister are expected to resume later in February. Amid the challenging circumstances, the working members of the royal family continue to participate in various events to mark national, regional, and local occasions.

The return of Prince William to his royal duties is a significant development, showcasing the resilience and commitment of the royal family amidst the health challenges faced by its members.