Professor Facing Criminal Charges After Attacking Student

( – There’s an expectation that adults will keep their hands to themselves when they disagree with someone, especially if they are in a position of power. Unfortunately, a Penn State professor didn’t get the memo, and now he’s facing charges.

On August 27, the Coalition for a Just University (CJU) held a pro-vaccine mandate rally on the university’s campus. The National File identified Avi Rachlin as a junior who attended the rally to counter-protest, and Professor Walter Oliver Baker. At some point, the two got into a confrontation. The professor pulled the student to the ground and assaulted him.

Police say Rachlin had a bloody nose when they arrived. He also had blood on his shirt.

Authorities have charged Baker with disorderly conduct, simple assault, and harassment. Officers found video footage of the incident on social media, which enabled them to track down the professor. Baker’s lawyer, Julian Allatt, told the Centre Daily Times the student was “antagonistic, menacing, and aggressive,” possibly trying to form a self-defense claim. She also accused the victim of attending the rally to disrupt the campus.

According to the professor’s Penn State profile, he teaches English and African-American studies. He reportedly also specializes in critical race theory (CRT). The university has not commented on the incident, though Baker has been put on administrative leave.

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