Putin Reveals New Weapon of War, the “Terminator”

Putin Reveals New Weapon of War, The

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Russia’s military is one of the most advanced in the world. The former Soviet nation and the United States emerged from WWII as the two world superpowers. Recently, Russia unveiled a terrifying new weapon.

On September 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled his Uran-9 tank. Although reports are calling the weapon new, there are indications Russia had this weapon back in 2018. The 12-ton tank, known as the “Terminator,” can destroy targets from as far away as 3 miles. It’s equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, Ataka guided anti-tank missiles and Shmel-M flamethrowers.

Putin brought the weapon out during war games with Belarus. The two countries hosted the Zapad-2021 (West-2021) exercises. According to reports, the military exercises involved 200,000 troops, 760 pieces of military equipment (including 300 tanks) and 80 warplanes/helicopters. The military drills took place in both Russia and Belarus along their borders, a cause of concern for their European neighbors.

Reports also indicate Putin unveiled the “Terminator” in an attempt to intimidate the United Nations. Tensions have elevated between the president and UN countries. President Joe Biden has not tried to maintain the civil relationship former President Donald Trump had with Putin; instead, he’s been confrontational and hostile. Certainly, the new tank isn’t going to calm things down.

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