Racist Teacher Fired For Telling Students That His Race Is Superior


A teacher at Bohls Middle School had an inappropriate conversation with students in his classroom. Because of his conduct, he is no longer employed by Pflugerville ISD.

The Pflugerville ISD teacher was caught on camera telling his students that he is “ethnocentric.” This┬áteacher can be seen saying to his multi-racial class that he thinks his race is the superior one, to which students audibly react.

A teacher admitted to students that he is ethnocentric, which means he thinks his race is the superior one. The students rejected this nonsense flatly.

The students said they lost all respect for the teacher, and that they couldn’t take him seriously anymore. The teacher was trying to shock the students, but instead he made them feel uncomfortable and made them feel like they weren’t taken seriously.

In an interesting twist, it appears the teacher may have been in violation of state la as well . The bill targeting the teaching of critical race theory in Texas public schools included a long list of texts about our nation’s struggle with racism and oppression. There is clear legislation against any teaching of one race being superior over another.

The incident is under investigation. A clip of the teacher saying these shocking statements in the classroom can be seen in the video below:

Brian Hennington, whose son is a sixth grader at Bohls Middle School, said he and his wife went to the school to voice their concerns after seeing the video posted on Facebook.

The superintendent of Bohls Middle School apologized for any “undue stress or concern” caused by the unnamed teacher’s comments, and reiterated that the conversation did not align with the district’s core beliefs.

Superintendent Killian also apologized parents whose children were seen in the video without their knowledge.

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