REPORT: Georgia Will Recount Election Ballots by Hand

REPORT: Georgia Will Recount Election Ballots by Hand

( – Georgia is a historically red state. Its residents have not voted for a Democratic president in almost 30 years. That’s why it was so shocking when election officials said Joe Biden was leading its vote count. The secretary of state is now taking action to make sure the count is accurate.

On Wednesday, November 11, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) said the state is going to recount the votes by hand. Currently, Biden is leading President Donald Trump 49.5% to 49.2%. Raffensperger explained the recount is taking place because the margin is “so close.” And, officials want to make sure residents have faith in the results.

As Georgia officials take the right steps to ensure the vote count was correct, President Trump is suing other states to do the same. Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan are all facing lawsuits from the campaign. Even though the Left has declared itself the winner, this election is far from over.

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