Report: Multiple Hillary Clinton Operatives Could Be Indicted After Spying Discovery

( – When the rumors about former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin began swirling years ago, it happened when Americans were glued to the news, waiting to hear about Democrat Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. According to a declassified CIA memo, the Trump-Russia connection was an intentional diversion to draw attention away from Clinton’s email scandal. New reports indicate people could go to jail over an alleged plot by the failed 2016 Democratic candidate.

Special Counsel John Durham’s February 11 court filings accused lawyers of Clinton’s 2016 campaign of paying a technology company to infiltrate her opponent’s servers in Trump Tower and the White House to create a narrative about Trump and Russia. The operatives reportedly planted the story in the press.

On February 14, former President Donald Trump’s ex-Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe joined Fox News Digital to speak out about the ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. He said he believes there’s “enough evidence” for Special Counsel John Durham to file for multiple indictments against operatives connected to Clinton’s allegedly planted story.

Trump released a statement through his Save America pact declaring he’d been vindicated. For years, he’s said Democrats spied on him but the press called him crazy.

If Durham’s filing is correct, that means Clinton’s campaign allegedly paid someone to hack into the GOP candidate’s computers and then, later, the president of the US. No wonder Ratcliffe thinks people are going to prison.

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