Republican Candidate Makes History

Republican Candidate Makes History

( – Much of the conversation about the elections on November 2 revolved around Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia. The Republican beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe and will become the state’s next governor. However, there was another race that night, and it was historic.

Unlike some other states, Florida for example, voters don’t choose the governor and lieutenant governor with just one stroke of a pencil. The two candidates run in totally different races, meaning the end result could be a governor and lieutenant governor from different parties. That didn’t happen in Virginia on Tuesday night; both winners were Republicans. Conservative Winsome Sears will serve alongside Youngkin for the next four years. But she’s no ordinary candidate.

When Sears swears in, she’ll become the state’s first black woman ever to fill the role of lieutenant governor. She’s also the highest-serving woman of color in Virginia’s history.

Sears is a Jamaican-born immigrant who came to the United States with her dad. She joined the Marine Corps and served the country proudly. In 2001, she became the first and only black Republican woman elected to a statewide seat in history, a title she still holds.

Before her election, the lieutenant governor-elect told Fox News Democrats go into the black community to rile people up for votes, then they leave after everyone votes and ignore the people for the next few years. “They’re like the cicada,” she said.

Now, she and Youngkin have forced them back underground for the next four years.

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