Republican Rep. Slams Biden’s False Talking Points

( – The price of gas has been rising for more than a year. It began after countries started lifting their lockdowns and demand increased. OPEC refused to increase the supply and markets reacted. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden’s administration has been acting as though the price of gas is a new problem. But, a Texas congressman recently called him out.

On March 16, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) spoke to “Fox & Friends” about a number of topics, including the price of gas. Host Steve Doocy pointed out gas prices started going up before Russia invaded Ukraine. Over the last year, the prices increased by over $1 but they want Americans to think it’s all Putin’s fault. Meanwhile, he said, the Biden administration has an agenda. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has been pushing electric cars.

Doocy went on to say the Biden administration has been promoting policies to increase the price of gas since day one. Crenshaw agreed with the Fox News host. He said he doesn’t think anyone believes the administration’s talking points.

The congressman said one of the biggest issues America faces is Europe’s dependence on Russia for gas. Crenshaw said Europe “should be dependent on American oil and gas.” He slammed Biden for not providing the leadership necessary to keep the US out of an energy crisis.

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