Republican Rep: Where Is the Riot Money Coming From?

( – America has experienced many protest movements since its founding. The 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) unrest has seemed more organized than the turmoil of the past. On Wednesday, September 16, Republicans in the House held a special order to raise awareness about the issue.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) held the “Restoring Law & Order and Ending Mob Violence” session on the House floor. More than a dozen other GOP lawmakers joined the congressman to discuss how rioters have harmed their districts. The congressmen also drew attention to the possibility that leftist organizations may be funding the violence.

Before the session, Biggs spoke to Fox News and said lawmakers previously requested the US attorney general’s office investigate people who could be organizing “and running these riots.”

During the House event, the Arizona congressman thanked law enforcement for protecting Americans.

The lawmakers aren’t alone in their assumptions that outside entities are funding the riots. Attorney General William Barr also said the DOJ received reports of rioters traveling city to city to cause violence. Federal law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the leaders of the groups that are rioting.

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