Republican Wins Iowa Election In Closest Election In History (REPORT)

Republican Wins Iowa Election In Closest Election In History (REPORT)

( – Votes in congressional races across the country are still being counted more than a week after the November 3 election. One of the races that was finally decided was in Iowa. The GOP candidate came out on top, but what does that mean for the congressional majority?

2nd Congressional District

On Thursday, November 12, Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where she announced she was the winner of Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. This wasn’t an ordinary race, though; it was the closest race for Congress in history.

The day after her announcement, election officials announced the hand recount of the ballots in one of the district’s counties didn’t change the outcome of the race: Miller-Meeks is ahead by 47 votes. Democrat Rita Hart says she is going to ask for a recount in 24 counties.

House of Representatives Majority

Miller-Meeks’ likely win will add to the number of Republicans going to Congress. The GOP, in general, had a great night on November 3. The party managed to not only beat Democratic candidates across the country, but they also prevented a blue wave.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) kept her majority, but she could lose 10 to 15 seats to Republican lawmakers once all the votes are counted. It was a stunning loss for her party and a clear rejection of the far-Left agenda. The calls for defunding the police, Medicare-for-all, and the other progressive policies the Democratic Party wanted to pass were not popular with the American people.

Now, the progressives and moderates of the Democratic Party are at each other’s throats blaming one another for their losses.

Republicans Diversify

The GOP’s wins this election are great for the morale of the party, as well. And the party that has long been comprised of mostly men is starting to diversify. In the long run, diversity will help the Republican party grow and engage new members. As for Miller-Meeks, she is convinced she will come out on top and add to that diversification.

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