Revealed: 3 of the World’s Scariest Diseases

Revealed: 3 of the World's Scariest Diseases

( – The world can be a scary place sometimes. There are hundreds of diseases that we could contract or be born with, but some of them are definitely more terrifying than others.

Below are three of the most disturbing diseases.

1. Stone Man Syndrome

Remember the myth that Medusa would turn men to stone with a single look? That seems impossible, right? Although the mythological Greek villain is not real, there’s a terrifying disease that turns bodies into stone…kind of.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is an extremely rare disease that impacts 1 out of 2 million people. The illness, caused by a gene mutation, causes a person’s tissue and muscle to turn to bone. People with the disease may eventually have complete immobilization and pass away from complications.

Doctors have not found a cure for the disease.

2. Alien Hand Syndrome

Did you know some people lose control of one of their hands? That’s what happens to people with alien hand (anarchic hand) syndrome. According to a paper by Baylor University Medical Center doctors, this is when the hand acts completely on its own without a connection to the brain. They believe it’s an extremely rare presentation of a stroke.

There is no cure for alien hand syndrome, but there are some treatment options available.

3. Methemoglobinemia

In 2008, Paul Karason rose to Internet fame after he appeared on NBC’s Today show. Why? Because his entire body was blue!

Karason had a rare disease called methemoglobinemia (argyria). It happens when not enough oxygen is delivered to the body’s cells. There are two different types of the disease: congenital and acquired. Karason had the second type. He acquired the disease after years of ingesting homemade colloidal silver. He talked about it on Oprah’s show.

Like the other illnesses, there’s no cure for this one but laser treatment can help with skin discoloration.

The good news is that although all of these illnesses are disturbing, they are all incredibly rare.

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