6 Times Former Presidents Warned Us of Today

6 Times Former Presidents Warned Us of Today

(RightWing.org) – It’s been said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Presidents come and go, but their words of wisdom ought to stay with us. Throughout American history, numerous presidents over the course of 214 years warned us of the dangers of an unelected bureaucracy that runs the nation and has the power to control it.

In 2016, Americans learned a new term with an old meaning. Then-presidential candidate Donald Trump talked often about the “deep state” and the need to “drain the swamp.” However, while the words are new, the context is not. Throughout American history, six presidents courageously warned America about the deep state and its desire for self-interested gain at the expense of the US Constitution.

Warnings About the Deep State

In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson said America was one of the worst ruled governments in the world. He said the US government was dominated not by free speech or the majority of voters, but under the “duress of small groups of dominant men.” He added that no one should speak of the corruption or condemnation for fear of organized power behind the scenes.

However, Wilson wasn’t alone in his warning, and it started long before his time. In 1816, President Thomas Jefferson warned that banks and big money were more powerful and dangerous than the military. The special interests of his day set in motion the rise and development of the deep state.

By the early 1900s, something was brewing that previous presidents had warned about. In 1913, former President Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his autobiography that there was an “invisible government” that was neither faithful to Americans nor accountable to the people. He claimed that businesses and the government colluded to create alliances that were corrupt and self-serving. He added that politicians joined in and used the corrupt system for self-gain.

By 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt quipped that banks and financial centers owned the government “since the days of Andrew Jackson.” Jackson was the 7th President of the United States from 1829 to 1837. He believed that more government was the answer to the problem. However, by creating the majority of federal agencies that exist today, he empowered the deep state.

In the modern era, John F. Kennedy was perhaps the most vocal about the deep state next to Donald Trump. In 1961, JFK warned that America was under attack from around the world. He said his administration was opposed internally through covert operations and “subversion instead of elections.” He added that dissenters were “silenced, not praised.” Two years later, Kennedy was assassinated. Whether it was because of his efforts to fight the deep state or not is of intense controversy and debate. The public will never know for certain.

Trump Experienced the Brunt of the Deep State

For four years, President Trump experienced the brunt of the deep state as his administration was undermined by the FBI, intelligence agencies, and those who worked in the White House. The deep state initiated a nearly three-year investigation into the Russian Collusion hoax. It tried to frame a phone call between Trump and the President of Ukraine as improper, which led to an improper impeachment. The media’s collusion with Democrats and the deep state led to ongoing harassment of the president as they tried to stifle the administration.

It might have paid off for them in the 2020 election. However, in the process, Trump exposed the problem to millions of unknowing Americans.

It appears that the warnings from past presidents were real then and are still now. President Trump may not have completely drained the swamp over the course of his four years. However, millions of Americans are ready to elect those who have the Constitutional power in Congress and the presidency to do so, and the US Supreme Court may be on its way to eliminating the deep state and restoring the proper separation of powers.

Only time will tell if the Constitution or the deep state will win.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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