Trump Launches Fight to Save the US Senate

Trump Launches Fight to Save the US Senate

( – President Donald Trump’s presence is being felt in Georgia, and the two incumbent Senators are betting their election chances on the president’s popularity in the state. Early voting is underway in the two Senate runoff races, and what’s at stake is monumental.

Over the last few years, Democrats in deep-red Georgia slowly increased their numbers, making races tighter for Republicans than in past years. While Democrats in the US House of Representatives will hold the slimmest majority in a century come January, the Senate is even tighter. Republicans need to hold at least one of the two Senate seats to serve as a block against the House Democrats’ far-left agenda.

Trump Looms Large

President Trump’s presence is looming large over the elections, and he’ll have a lot to say about the outcome of the race and who controls the Senate. Incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) is a staunch supporter of President Trump. He has worked closely with the president on issues ranging from the economy to immigration.

Throughout the Russian collusion hoax, impeachment, and other contrived controversies by Democrats, Perdue was a loyal friend and defender of the president. In campaign stops across Georgia, Perdue gives Trump credit and high praise for Operation Warp Speed to get a vaccination for COVID-19 in months instead of years.

On Monday, December 14, the Perdue campaign released a 30-second video featuring President Trump. In it, the president talks highly about the need to re-elect the incumbent senator to prevent the Senate from falling into the hands of the far-left and erasing the America First progress that Perdue helped usher in alongside Trump.

Senate Race Could Be Tight

In Georgia elections, a candidate needs more than 50% of the total vote to avoid a runoff election. In the November 2020 general election, Perdue received 49.7% of the vote. His challenger, Democrat Jon Ossoff, received 47.9%. In a traditional runoff race in the state, fewer people vote, and Republicans normally have an advantage.

However, there’s nothing normal about 2020, and both sides are energized in this race. Republicans cannot take for granted past results in a changing electorate in Georgia.

President Trump is challenging the presidential election in the southern state that reliably votes Republican. However, Georgia recently certified its election results for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. While the president is challenging the vote totals, Trump is also encouraging people to get out and vote for Perdue and fellow Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) to protect the legislative gains made over the last four years and fight off the far-left agenda.

While early voting started this week, election day is on January 5. The senators are hoping that Trump’s presence makes a difference for them in a tight election. So are Republicans nationwide.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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