Riot breaks out in downtown Atlanta

On Saturday evening, rioters in Atlanta set off fireworks and threw rocks at the Atlanta Police Foundation in response to the death of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, an activist who was killed by police on Wednesday.

This was after Teran allegedly refused to comply with the demands of authorities and allegedly fired a gun at state troopers at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. Georgia Bureau of Investigations Michael Register had previously stated that the individual “shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper” and “other law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense”.

Teran had been actively protesting against the development of the City of Atlanta’s Public Safety Training Center.

Saturday’s peaceful protest soon escalated into disorder and chaos.

Governor Brian Kemp declared that “acts of violence against person or property will not be tolerated” and that those “committing such unlawful acts will be arrested and prosecuted fully”.

Photographs reveal that an Atlanta PD vehicle had been set on fire, and the Atlanta PD reported that they had responded to the group damaging property.

Seven people were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism on Wednesday for calls to violence.

An account on Twitter called “Scenes from the Atlanta Forest” had posted a “Night of Rage” to enact “reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies”. Teran’s fellow activists had been camping out on an 85-acre planned facility referred to as “Cop City” prior to his death and have vowed to continue their protests.