RNC in Jeopardy? Trump Shares News

(AbsoluteNews.com) – The Republican National Convention (RNC) has faced many obstacles this year. Unfortunately, like so many other highly-anticipated events, the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined this one, too. The first was when the RNC was forced to move from North Carolina to Florida, and now, President Donald Trump had to announce another change.

Trump’s Announcement

During the July 23 COVID-19 presser, Trump said the RNC is no longer going to take place in Jacksonville, Florida in August. The president explained he’s been talking to his team because he wants to make sure everyone is safe and “ … the timing for this event is not right.”

President Trump went on to say, “There’s nothing more important than keeping our people safe.” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel applauded the commander-in-chief’s decision.

Florida’s Problem

The Sunshine State is, unfortunately, going through a difficult time right now. Although, nobody’s really sure of the actual number of COVID-19 infections because of all the issues with testing, it’s true there’s been a spike in cases.

Obviously, with a convention hosting thousands of attendees, there’s no way to ensure the safety of all the guests. President Trump recognized that.

What Now?

This doesn’t mean the entire convention is off. Now, the RNC has voted to host a scaled-down event in Charlotte, North Carolina, where only the ‘party’s official business’ will take place.

President Trump will still accept the party’s nomination and lay out his vision for a second term, but it’s not entirely clear if it’ll be via video or if he’ll travel to the pared-down convention. Either way, the show will go on, even though it’s going to look a little bit different.

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