Robert Crimo III Was Already Flagged As Threat In The Past Couple Years.

Robert Crimo III

Highland Park gunman admitted to firing on parade crowd and contemplated attack in Madison, Wisconsin, officials say – CNN

The gunman in Monday’s massacre at a Fourth of July parade in the Illinois city of Highland Park admitted he carried out the attack, prosecutors said in court Wednesday.

A judge ordered Crimo held without bail on seven charges of first-degree murder, but the state’s attorney said more charges could be filed in the future.

A shooter opened fire from a rooftop on a Highland Park business as the parade was underway just after 10 a.m. CT on Monday, killing five people and wounding 39 others.

A person ran west with a black bag over his shoulder after the shooting and left an object wrapped in cloth on the pavement. That object was a rifle. Investigators recovered three 30-round magazines and 83 shell casings from a roof-top nearby.

Authorities believe Crimo planned the attack for weeks, and the rifle he used and another he allegedly had when police arrested him appear to have been purchased legally in Illinois. Crimo contemplated shooting again in Madison, Wisconsin, on Monday, but didn’t commit another attack. He did attend an event in Madison after the shooting in Highland Park and had a second weapon plus 60-more rounds of ammo in his vehicle at the time.

Police released information showing that the shooter had previously required officer intervention over threats of violence and mental health concerns, which prompted the mayor to question how the shooter could legally obtain firearms.

Police removed 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from Crimo’s home after a relative reported him to the state police. Family members were unwilling to file formal complaints, so the knives were returned.

Crimo legally purchased five guns over the next two years, including rifles, pistols, and possibly a shotgun. He passed four background checks, including checks of the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Mayor Rotering said she is looking for an explanation of how Crimo was able to obtain guns, and added people need to speak up if they see warning signs.

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