Robert Shinn Scandal: Shocking Details of Criminal Investigations Revealed

Los Angeles, California – A recent Netflix documentary, “Dancing for the Devil,” sheds light on the alleged villain, Robert Shinn, who has been at the center of two previous criminal investigations. However, no charges were filed in either case, according to law enforcement sources.

Two sexual battery cases were reported to the Los Angeles Police Department in August 2023, aligning with the documentary’s narrative. Some accusers featured in the documentary came forward, stating they had reported their experiences to the authorities.

One of the cases was filed by former 7M member Kylie Douglas, who was also highlighted in the documentary. The LAPD conducted an investigation, leading to the case being referred to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office.

Another case was submitted to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office in August, with both cases being rejected in April of this year due to insufficient evidence and a significant delay in reporting.

Shinn’s company, characterized as the “7M TikTok Cult” in the documentary, oversees several TikTok-famous dancers. Ex-dancers have alleged that Shinn demanded a substantial portion of their earnings and isolated them from their loved ones.

Despite the allegations made in the documentary, Shinn has vehemently denied all claims and has even taken legal action against the accusers featured in the series for defamation.

Law enforcement authorities have also found no evidence to support the claims made against Shinn. These developments have brought the spotlight on Shinn and his management company, sparking ongoing debate and discussion surrounding the allegations.