Rodeo Bull Rampage: Woman Injured as Party Bus Makes Daring Escape from Oregon Arena

Sisters, Oregon – A chaotic scene unfolded at the 84th Sisters Rodeo as an out-of-control bull named Party Bus broke free from the arena, charging through the crowd of spectators. The bull violently tossed and trampled a woman in its path, causing chaos and panic among the onlookers.

Videos from the event captured the terrifying moment when the bull, wearing a red shirt, charged at the woman, flipping her onto its head and then spinning her off its horns. The woman fell to the ground as the bull broke through a table and fled into the parking lot, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Despite the bull’s brief escape, rodeo pick-up men managed to capture Party Bus near the livestock holding pens, bringing the dangerous situation under control. The Sisters Rodeo Association reported that three people were injured as a result of the incident, with two individuals requiring transportation to a local hospital for treatment. Fortunately, all injured parties were released the following day.

During the chaotic ordeal, a deputy responding to the incident also sustained minor injuries, although it was unclear if they were directly caused by Party Bus. The incident occurred during the final run of the night at the popular rodeo event, which attracts top cowboys from across the nation and thousands of spectators.

Amidst the mayhem, another video captured Party Bus running loops around the arena while attendees sang along to “God Bless the USA.” The bull’s unexpected leap over a 7-foot fence sent attendees scrambling out of harm’s way as wranglers worked to contain the situation.

Following the incident, Leslie Lange, a livestock provider for the rodeo, expressed plans to train and handle Party Bus more effectively in the future to prevent similar incidents. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association issued a statement recognizing the rare risks associated with rodeo events, sending well wishes to those impacted by the frightening incident.

Overall, the dramatic escape of Party Bus serves as a reminder of the inherent dangers present in rodeo sports, emphasizing the need for diligent safety measures and precautions to prevent future incidents.