Ron DeSantis Blocks New Redistricting

Ron DeSantis Blocks New Redistricting

( – The midterm elections are just months away but some states have not finalized their redistricting maps. Florida is one. Recently, the Sunshine State’s Republican governor vetoed the map legislators drew.

The problems in Florida started in January, when the Republican-controlled state Senate approved a congressional map that maintained two current majority-black districts. The governor previously proposed a map that would eliminate the districts. DeSantis’ proposed map would give Republicans 20 of the state’s 28 congressional seats; the map GOP lawmakers proposed would give them 18 of the 28 seats.

DeSantis argued that keeping the majority-black districts violates the 14th Amendment. He asked a court to decide whether the map was legal because he believed it was racially gerrymandered. The court refused to hear his case, so the governor vowed to veto the map. That’s exactly what he did on March 29 when it came before him.

DeSantis released a statement saying he was calling for a special session of the legislature in April to make lawmakers redraw the map. He said they have a responsibility to draw one that doesn’t “contain unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.”

Do you agree with Governor DeSantis’ actions? Should the majority-black districts be eliminated?

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