Ron DeSantis Gives Order Banning Masks in Schools

Ron DeSantis Gives Order Banning Masks In Schools

( – On July 30, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed an executive order “protecting the rights of parents” by banning mandatory masks for schools across the Sunshine State. Although only 2 out of 67 districts planned to require face coverings for kids in the classroom, school boards and communities question whether he has the power to issue such a restriction.

The governor’s move comes on the heels of yet another recommendation change from the CDC for the upcoming school year. The new guidance includes a cautious “layered prevention strategy” of masking, distancing, and handwashing for all students, staff, teachers, and their families –– regardless of vaccination status.

Governor DeSantis believes such a strict mandate will impact not only American freedoms but also the “physical, emotional, and academic well-being of our children.” The Republican says he has yet to see proof that masks prevent the spread of COVID-19, making the new rules even more troubling.

As the state leader, DeSantis had no choice but to go with his gut and stand up for what he believes is best for Florida residents. Instead of the government telling parents what to do with their children, he wants to keep the masking choice where it belongs: firmly in the hands of US citizens.

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