Ron DeSantis to Give Teachers $1,000 Bonus Checks

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is taking a lot of abuse from Democrats. The Left is mad because the governor is allowing parents to choose whether their kids should wear masks instead of mandating face coverings. Dems believe that means he doesn’t care about children or teachers. The pro-life governor, who is a father himself, has always made his position on kids clear and this week he proved again how much he appreciates educators.

In March, DeSantis announced all teachers would receive bonus checks of up to $1,000. On August 11, he handed out the first of those bonuses to educators in St. Petersburg. The 177,000 Disaster Relief Payments are being distributed as a show of appreciation to teachers and principals in recognition of the 2020-2021 school year.

The bonuses aren’t the first time DeSantis has shown his appreciation for the Sunshine State’s educators. In 2020, the governor signed a historic pay increase for teachers. A press release from his office explained House Bill 641 would dedicate $500 million to increase teacher pay. Of that money, the state invested $400 million to raise the minimum base pay for full-time educators; lawmakers used the other $100 million to raise veteran teachers’ pay.

If DeSantis didn’t support teachers would he really raise their pay and give them bonuses?

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