Russia Allegedly Captured Top US Military Secret

Russia Allegedly Captured Top US Military Secret

( – The tension between the US and Russia is increasing as the former Soviet nation’s troops remain stationed along its border with Ukraine. Russian media recently claimed its military made a significant capture, but the US military has spoken out against the latest rumors.

On Tuesday, February 15, Russia’s agency claimed the military obtained something described as a sonar countermeasure device after a US Navy submarine allegedly abandoned it. The news agency accused a Virginia-class nuclear sub of operating in Russia’s territorial waters off the island of Urup. Russia allegedly fired a weapon at the submarine and the US sub fired back with the so-called device allegedly abandoned by the Navy.

Eric Pahon, a spokesperson for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, provided Newsweek with a statement the day after the news report came out and denied the Russian account. He said Russia’s claims about an interaction with the US Navy in the Pacific are untrue. Pahon went on to say the “additional claims are nonsense and disinformation.”

Pahon’s remarks about an encounter with the US Navy are in reference to a February 12 claim by Russia that one of its vessels chased an American submarine away after it was operating in its territorial waters.

Who do you believe? Russia or the US Defense Department?

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